“It’s a party on your palate.”

vegan chicken strips and fries

Here at Guud & Evul, we take pride in handcrafting all our vegan Evul meats and sauces. We create our own beef, chicken, and Italian sausage patties. We formulate our vegan meats from pea protein. Pea protein is naturally soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and free from food allergens. Pea protein is also more sustainable. In comparison to steak, it is on average more expensive than filet mignon.  

Our sauces are based off the five mother sauces which are Sauce Tomate (red sauce), Bechamel (white sauce), Espagnole (brown sauce), Velouté (stock and cream sauce) and Hollandaise (mayonnaise). These sauces are typically formulated with meat and dairy products. We use choice vegan products to replace the stocks and creams to create a delightful vegan version of these traditional sauces. Here, our chef has developed new styles and techniques in cooking and sauce making to satisfy the human palate.